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Published: 30th April 2010
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Mobile phone advertising will soon become as critical to the small business owner's marketing campaign as Internet marketing is now. More than five out of six households have at least one mobile phone, and recent studies have found that mobile advertising is 3-5 time more effective than online advertising.

Understanding how mobile advertising works can be confusing, however. The media tend to focus on how the big brands use mobile advertising, which may not be relevant to the small business owner. Below is a brief explanation of the two major types of phone ads available today.

SMS Advertising.

With SMS advertising, you, as a vendor, send text message advertisements to your prospects and customers who have requested to receive them from you. You ask them to text a special keyword that you have used in your other marketing efforts, and by doing so they "opt in" to your mobile advertising list. There are third party vendors that can manage your text message advertising campaigns; the cost can be paid either on an as you go basis or through special pre-paid packages.

Once a customer has opted into your mobile advertisements, you send phone ads to them through text messages (SMS). This form of mobile advertisement works especially well for sending coupons and limited time discounts. Markets that have found good success with this type of mobile advertising are retail, entertainment venues, and restaurants.

In Page Advertising.

You will find the other type of mobile advertising to be most comparable to Internet search engines. To explain, a potential customer will be interested in some form of product or service, and do a mobile search for the item on their phone. If what you offer through your mobile advertisement matches what the customer is looking for, your mobile ad will appear when they search.

Search engine databases are typically made up of merchants who are subscribers to the mobile search engine. There may be a per click charge, but most just charge a monthly fee, which is a great way to have an online mobile advertising presence while staying on a budget.

Whether you prefer SMS advertising or In Page advertising, there are affordable options available to you for mobile phone advertising.

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